Management Training

A distinctly different approach.

Dead Fish 2

TheOther Company brings practical theatre techniques into the world of management with an empowering approach to coaching and training.

It’s a refreshing change from the usual, you won’t just be sitting in a chair taking notes while being lectured at. We offer a practical experience, with a mix of vocal techniques, physical awareness and presentation skills that develop participant’s ability to communicate effectively in any situation.

Group workshops as well as individual coaching sessions can be tailored to your needs.

There’s always a supportive and stimulating atmosphere to guarantee all participants a fulfilling experience.

“Even the most nervous members of our group were, by the end of the morning, throwing themselves into the activities with great enjoyment.” Sam Burrows-NHS

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Personal Presentation Coaching

How to make an impact when communicating, whether it’s in a one-to-one, with a small team or to a packed audience.

  • Combating nerves & building confidence
  • Increasing physical awareness
  • Empowering the voice
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Using your story


Developing Resilience

  • Protective Factors
  • Emotional Intelligence & Capital
  • Tools and approaches to build Resilience
  • Supporting Team Resilience
  • Maintaining future Resilience


 Personal Branding

Make your impression on the world and stand out in the crowd.

  • Defining your self-image
  • Choosing the right ‘you’ at the right time
  • Developing an authentic approach
  • Putting your difference to work

    “The NHS graduate scheme has worked with Sarah and Ben for several years and plan to continue to in the future. The sessions Sarah and Ben run for our graduates always leave our trainees feeling enthused. The graduates are always surprised by how much they gain from the sessions, learning interpersonal skills and many helpful techniques that they can put into practice at work and also transfer into their lives, such as job interviews and presentations. This is one of the most popular sessions the graduates take part in throughout their 2 years with the Institute, I would highly recommend it.”


  2. “Refreshing, fun and relevant! About time we had a presentation course that focuses on what is really important – the presenter!”


  3. “Sarah and Ben were not only great fun, but, remarkably effective at putting people at ease with each other. Even the most nervous members of our group were, by the end of the morning, throwing themselves into the activities with great enjoyment. As a pair, they complemented each other effortlessly and by creating such a safe environment, helped the whole group develop some new skills whilst having a great day.”


  4. “I found their energy and passion to be inspiring and very effective. As a team they worked together brilliantly and managed to bring the best out of all the trainees. I would certainly recommend Sarah and Ben to anyone looking to push their boundaries and discover their hidden presentation skills.”


  5. “Having participated in the presentation workshop I was surprised by the difference the techniques made to my presentation skills. I have attended several presentation skills training sessions, but this is definitely one of the best I have been to. The relaxation techniques taught at the start of the session were particularly useful, as I tend to feel stressed just thinking about doing a presentation. I have used many of the techniques since.”


  6. “I never score anything 10/10 but the day was truly excellent and inspirational. What I have learned today is so useful & relevant to my work & personal life.”